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Frank Briggs: Building A Musical Vocabulary

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Percussionists have three different tools to work with when it comes to the creation of music: rhythm, dynamics, and orchestration. Without fully developing each of these concepts, building a musical and vast vocabulary is extremely difficult. In this lesson, Frank Briggs will teach you how to start doing so with the help of various rhythms, accent patterns, and groupings.

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Lesson Index:
0:07 – SONG: “Gonzo”
5:38 – Introduction
9:00 – Giveaway Details
11:12 – Lesson Begins
32:00 – Demonstration w/ song
58:29 – SONG: “Beezlebub”

About Frank:
Frank Briggs is best known for his top-selling instructional book/DVD package “The Complete Modern Drum Set,” which has remained in Mel Bay Publications’ top 10 percussion books for the past 22 years along with 6 other titles. His educational books and videos have been used worldwide by professional drummers, educators and music schools. He has traveled extensively giving master classes and clinics on drum set vocabulary and performance.

Frank has appeared on top record labels such as Universal, EMI/Sony (Japan), Warner Bros, Reprise, RCA, Tone Center, Immune, Higher Octave, MTM (Germany) and has played, recorded, and toured with such diverse artists as Atlantic Starr, Mike Keneally, Kit Walker, Chris Poland & Ohm, Jennifer Batten, 805, Engelbert Humperdinck, Pat Boone, Frank Gambale, St. Clair, and many more.

Frank plays:
Yamaha Drums
Istanbul Cymbals

Hi, I'm Jared Falk

Jared is the author of Successful Drumming and founder of Drumeo - an online community dedicated to the education, inspiration, and support of drummers.

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