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Bernard “Pretty” Purdie – The Purdie Shuffle

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We had the legendary Bernard “Pretty” Purdie at our Drumeo studios to take you on a drumming journey unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Bernard has played on over 4,000 albums throughout his career, and had the opportunity to grace the stage with amazing artists such as: Aretha Franklin, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, James Brown, and many many more!

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Bernard was playing:
George Way Drums
Remo Drumheads
Sabian Cymbals

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Hi, I'm Jared Falk

Jared is the author of Successful Drumming and founder of Drumeo - an online community dedicated to the education, inspiration, and support of drummers.

  • Journey is the term, Bernard makes you feel like he is in your living room, so comfortable to follow and understand. He is always in motion, but not busy and the rhythms that he produces are awesome. I will watch for his next “Journey”.

    • Ronald Milrod

      wow so cool and relaxed…the thing that impressed was the comment “when I practice”. He still does all the time and enjoys doing it…a lesson for all. I will watch this over and over again….can’t imagine being bored. When it stops being fun it is called work and you should find something else.

  • Ivan Jaquez

    What a groove!

  • Shawn Manny

    Bernard nails an important part that we often over look, “HAVE FUN!”…if you’re not having fun it shows in every bit of your performance.

  • Bloozer

    Awesome break down of many, many different styles and grooves!

  • Cornelius Plunkett

    I have been a fan of Bernard Purdie for decades. My drum set is incredibly similar to his, but this is coincidence only. LOL

  • Keith Terry

    I have loved Mr. Purdie’s drumming all of my life, and I have played for 40 years. I remember I was listening to a Steely Dan record, and I was hooked. And to see the man playing and so happy, and joyful was indeed a blessing. Mr. Purdie to me is the Michelangelo of drumming. Everything is tasteful, and something that I think all drummers should aspire to. I love his music. Thanks Drumeo for having him on. I love it!

  • I have had the privileged to have had Mr Purdie play stand in for me and My group Blacksmoke (Casablanca/Donna Summer concert) back in the mid 70’s (76) during a show where my drummer broke his hand and Mr Purdie came in to replace him for that show (Radio City Music Hall) and then Midnight Special featuring Donna Summer. What a joy and pleasure….so funky and fun too….Michael Wells Leader/Guitar

  • Derek Antoncich

    Inspirational! I’ve been playing, on and off for, over 45 years and still feel like a baby when I watch someone like Bernard. Thanks for bringing this to us Jared.

  • Rémi

    What a privilege. Thanks for the lesson.

  • Rémi

    I could listen to a whole hour of him playing his groove. Inspirational as always.

  • Benny

    …. so smashing, what I liked the best? This is not only a great lesson for your drumming, this a lesson for your hole live you will never forget!

  • Mystic Toad

    What a LIVING LEGEND! I can hear all the famous drummers he inspired as he was playing. What a fantastic treat! Thank you Mr. Purdie! Thank you drumeo!

  • Bill

    I think the most important part of the lesson for me was the information passed to us from Bernard, was about keeping yourself humble, and of course learning your craft. The other part I thought that was essential was to enjoy what we’re doing. BB

  • Anthony jones

    I wish Purdie could be packaged so as I could add him to my kit
    Thank you Drumeo and thank you Mr Bernard Purdie

  • Owen Brown

    Must know the one, must count to know where the one is – keep the pattern steady for the other members of the band – wow how true – must be cause I have hears it so many times before.

  • Colin Reynolds

    I felt the lesson was different…..he was like a free bird..but with skilfull relaxed mode….just having fun….it was fantastic….probably one of the best if not the best feeling of learning in a relaxed mode…..also by ear…but obviously having had the rudiments drummed in….he made it look so easy…..a fantastic GENTLEMAN……I LOVED IT..

  • This guy is awesome. He has such passion and infectious positivity. I get what he is saying!

  • Phil Hanft

    I love Bernard “Pretty” Purdie sense of ease and comfort and joy while he plays. Learn the melody is the one point that sticks with me. That and “leather” sole shoes. It’s easy for me to be humble since I’m a beginner.

  • Keith

    FEEL…….Bernard “Pretty” Purdie is all about FEEL!

  • Luis Fernando

    This is one of the drum gods and is still alive

  • I just love this guy. Period. His 30 min practice was great. The best part was seeing him use the toms, which he never did with James Brown, except to introduce him at the beginning of a concert. Bernard said he didn’t know why he had them onstage other than that into!!! Keep up the great work Jared I can’t believe how you keep expanding the possibilities, its about good practice makes better. Thanks, Rodger

  • I must add that, though I counted most of the 30 minutes, I always could feel the “one” because he projected it, even when displacing the backbeat through out the measures.

  • Roen Garcia

    He illustrated what it is to play with joy while being relaxed, dynamic, and incorporate groove all at once. Also inspirational philosophy on music (and life). A tremendous lesson on multiple levels.

  • Klaus

    Everything he said about attitude is usefull for your live. When you smile and you know your business, there is no reason of having stress. Doesn’t matter what kind of job you do. I will take some of his spokes, and share it in a presentation with my younger collueges. The message is, love what you do, and you will be good at it. Specially in this rushing times.

  • Ernie

    Without doubt, the most rhythmic, musical drummer with so much feeling and style. His enthusiasm is so contagious. Superb, superb, superb. Drums were built to be played like that. Thank you Drumeo for having Bernard and thank you Bernard for an absolutely entertaining 30 minutes running through your practice session. Faultless.

  • Jose

    That was an amazing performance ! Bernard has it all. Thanks for your commitment to share such valuable lessons Jared. About the sneakers, we will think about it.

  • bellenie02 .

    Fantastic! How original! What a happy and lovely Man. Full of energy and exuberance. Thanks Bernard, and keep doing what you do best. Cheers!

  • Jonathan

    What impressed me the most, beyond Mr. Purdies’s incredible talent, style and humility was his fluidity and economy of motion. His sticks barely seem to come more than two inches off the drums or cymbals, but his beat is so precise, so controlled and powerful. What an amazing person and drummer. Thank you so much.

  • Donna Keiko Ozawa

    Shoes with leather soles. They transmit the energy of the kit better. This tip made me think hard about how he senses the kit with every part of his body and that as drummer one has to optimize that through the feet too. I got a greater picture of how to facilitate embodied drumming. Thank you for this wonderful lesson.

  • Bill

    Such a simple, beat oriented and yet melodic phrasing grooves. Just beautiful.
    What I liked most about this lesson was the his sharing and giving perspective of drumming and in life.
    Thank you,

  • why do you have the drums “backwards”…larger tom switched with the smaller one?

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