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3 Tips On Playing In A Cover Band

2 weeks ago

Win Gene Hoglan’s Signed Ride Cymbal! » No matter how much fun it might seem to be a cover-band drummer, there are a few things that every drummer should always take in consideration before fully committing. With many years of experience as a cover-band drummer, Brandon Khoo is the best man to give you three […]

Drum Recording Tips From Victor Guidera | Drumeo Podcast | Episode #28

1 month ago

A big reason for Drumeo's successful video lessons is the audio and video quality. In this episode of the podcast, Jared sits down with Victor Guidera to discuss our best recording tips for drummers. Home recording is getting easier due to new technology, so any drummer will find these tips helpful, whether you record on your smartphone or have an expensive studio.

How To Play Sting’s “7 Days” Drum Beat

2 months ago

Free Course With Gavin Harrison » Vinnie Colaiuta’s playing in Sting’s “7 Days” is a workshop on how to make odd times sound more like 4/4 time. In this lesson, Gabor Dornyei is going to break down this groove methodically so you can learn to play it exactly like in the recording – besides teaching […]

Interview With Mark Guiliana & Jason McGerr | Drumeo Podcast | Episode #21

3 months ago

Very VERY special episode of the Drumeo Podcast as Jared and Dave are joined by Mark Guiliana (David Bowie, Mark Guiliana Quartet, Beat Music) and Jason McGerr (Death Cab For Cutie). Kick back and relax as they discuss gear, life, family, and education. Jared will also be giving out Dave Atkinson's phone number so any drummer can receive 24/7 drumming advice.