Dave Atkinson  /  Quick Tips
5 Ways To Improve Your Punk Drumming
Love bands like NOFX and Black Flag? Here are some tips to become a better punk drummer.

Brandon Toews  /  Quick Tips
9 Bonham Grooves Every Drummer Should Know
Here's how to play 9 of John Bonham's best drum beats!

Emmanuelle Caplette  /  Quick Tips
Try This 5 Minute Beginner Drum Warmup
Practice along with Emmanuelle Caplette as you go through this 5 min beginner drum warmup!

Drumeo  /  Quick Tips
7 Reasons Dave Grohl Is A Genius
Dave Grohl's legendary drumming style has set him apart from the pack. Here are some examples of why he's one of rock's hall of famers.

Brandon Toews  /  Quick Tips
5 Reasons Neil Peart Was A Genius
Why is Neil Peart so great? Here are five specific reasons - with examples - and what we can all learn from him.

Brandon Toews  /  Quick Tips
10 Insane Contemporary Jazz Grooves (Plus Free Drumless Loops)
Contemporary jazz drummers are breaking all the rules! Here are 10 incredible grooves to inspire and challenge you.

Jared Falk  /  Quick Tips
We Recorded A Song Using Only Household Junk
Some drummers start out on pots and pans. So we wanted to see if we could make household items into a playable kit. Here's what happened...

Jared Falk  /  Quick Tips
Every Drummer Does This
What do car blinkers, sprinklers, and windshield wipers have to do with drumming? They all have this one thing in common...

Rob Brown  /  Quick Tips
The Only 3 Rudiments You Need To Know
Learn how to practice single stroke rolls, double stroke rolls, and paradiddles - the three rudiments every drummer needs to know.

Mike Sleath  /  Quick Tips
5 Tips For Drummers Who Want To Go Pro
Mike Sleath (who tours with Shawn Mendes) spills all his best tips on how to excel as a pro drummer.

Mike Sleath  /  Quick Tips
How Shawn Mendes’ Drummer Replicates Programmed
Drums Live

How does Mike Sleath perform Shawn Mendes' electronic drum parts on the kit live? He walks us through his hybrid setup.

Brandon Toews  /  Quick Tips
The Top 12 Drummers You’ve Heard…But Never Heard Of
Who played Animal's drum solo against Buddy Rich? Who drummed on "A Charlie Brown Christmas"? Find out in this video/article!

Brandon Toews  /  Quick Tips
How To Play Drums Like Alex Van Halen
Learn how to play some of Van Halen's most memorable beats in under 10 minutes.

Jared Falk  /  Quick Tips
We Made A Kids Drum Set Sound Amazing
Can you make a toy drum set sound good? Yep - and here's how to do it!

Brandon Toews  /  Quick Tips
How To Play “Take Five” At Any Skill Level
Brandon breaks down the legendary 5/4 groove from "Take Five" (Dave Brubeck Quartet) in this short lesson for beginner jazz drummers.

Jared Falk  /  Quick Tips
The Beat Behind BTS’ Hit “Butter”
"Butter" by K-pop titans BTS has smashed YouTube records. Here's why the beat is so perfect for the song.

Brandon Toews  /  Quick Tips
The 10 Commandments Of Worship Drumming
If you play drums in church, here are 10 things you absolutely need to know.

Brandon Toews  /  Quick Tips
Do Vintage Drums Actually Sound Better?
Do vintage drums sound better than modern drums, or is it just a personal preference? We put them to the test.

Ryan Van Poederooyen  /  Quick Tips
192 Drum Beats You Can Play With The Stick Control Book
Each exercise from the classic drum book "Stick Control" can be turned into a drum beat. Ryan Van Poederooyen shows you how to get started!

Jared Falk  /  Quick Tips
How Quickly Can You Set Up A Tiny Drum Kit?
Four drummers. Four portable drum kits. Who will come out on top?

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