Jared Falk  /  Mental Health
5 Ways To Kill The Quarantine Blues
There's a lot of uncertainty in the world right now, and you might be feeling stressed or isolated as a drummer. Try these 5 tips.

Frank Ferraro  /  Mental Health
Stop Comparing Your Drumming To Social Media Stars
Do you have a habit of watching amazing drum videos online and feeling bad about your own playing? Here's how to shift that mindset.

Samantha Landa  /  Mental Health
5 Ways To Stick To Your Resolution
Here's how to make sure you meet your drumming goals this year (plus a bonus downloadable practice timesheet).

Amy Di Nino  /  Mental Health
How Playing Music Can Improve Your Memory
Playing an instrument can improve your memory. But how and why? Check out the research here.

Amy Di Nino  /  Mental Health
Music As Therapy For Drummers
Did you know that music can reduce anxiety in musicians? Here are some tips from a music therapist to help you manage your stress.

Samantha Landa  /  Mental Health
How To Convince Yourself You Don’t Suck At Drums
Think you suck at drums? Here's how to get out of a demotivating mindset.

Samantha Landa  /  Mental Health
Test Yourself: Why You Aren’t Motivated To Drum
What's stopping you from practicing? Test yourself and find out the best ways to get motivated.

Samantha Landa  /  Mental Health
Drumming: The Natural Painkiller
Do you get a major rush after playing drums? Known as 'drummer's high', research shows that drumming can actually release pain-reducing hormones. Read more here!

Aaron Edgar  /  Mental Health
5 Books Every
Drummer Should Read

Whether it's about the art of drumming, getting into the right mindset, or setting goals, these are the books that could change your life as a drummer.

Jared Falk  /  Mental Health
How To Get Better On The Drums
The number one way for drummers to make serious progress is to set tangible, specific goals with a short-term deadline. Here's how to do it.

Jared Falk  /  Mental Health
How To Find Motivation
To Play Drums

In this video, Jared shares his insights into what some may call the hardest part of drumming. Enjoy the bonus drum solo afterwards!

Pamela Lynn-Seraphine  /  Mental Health
3 Genius Brain Hacks
To Crush Your Goals

Your brain is hardwired to be lazy. Here are 3 ways to change that (and crush your drumming goals).

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