Jason Sutter  /  Featured Stories

Be Kind

Jason Sutter  /  Featured Stories
Be Kind
When his career was just getting started, Jason Sutter learned a huge lesson. He now pays it forward as much as he can.

Gil Sharone  /  Featured Stories
Getting The Call
One call in particular set off a chain of events that took Gil Sharone's career to the next level.

Jared Falk  /  Featured Stories
Play Like It’s Your Last Time
Jared Falk almost died in a lumber mill accident. The experience taught him to never take anything for granted.

Jim Riley  /  Featured Stories
From Homeless To Rascal Flatts
Jim Riley was willing to do whatever it took to make it in Nashville - even if it meant living in his truck.

Tony Coleman  /  Featured Stories
When Dizz Threw Me In
Tony Coleman found himself thrown into the deep end when Dizzy Gillespie pulled him onstage. Here's what happened.

Marco Minnemann  /  Featured Stories
Getting Over The Nerves
Even the greatest drummers get nervous sometimes. Marco Minnemann tells the story of how he didn't quite make it to his very first gig.

Bruce Becker  /  Featured Stories
Out Of The Comfort Zone
Bruce Becker took a chance and moved to Europe, where he found new opportunities and visits from his mentor, Freddie Gruber.

Todd Sucherman  /  Featured Stories
Make The Right Turn
Todd Sucherman joined Styx under stressful circumstances. Find out how everything he'd done in his career led up to this big opportunity.

Thomas Lang  /  Featured Stories
Reclaiming My Hands
Thomas Lang's drumming career almost derailed when he was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. Here's the story in his words.

Jonathan Moffett  /  Featured Stories
Play That Beat Again
In his audition for The Jacksons, Jonathan "Sugarfoot" Moffett blew everyone away: he was the only drummer who could play this one song.

David Garibaldi  /  Featured Stories
Finding Moments Of Ignition
He knew he was in trouble when he woke up on the ground. David Garibaldi tells the terrifying story of his train accident and recovery.

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