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NOTE: We are NOT accepting generic review websites, coupon sites, paid advertisers or similar types of affiliate partners. We are looking to partner with drum-related websites and communities.

Welcome to the Drumeo Affiliate Program, where passionate affiliates have the opportunity to endorse the top drum instruction products available on the internet. We have a wide variety of products for drummers of all levels and styles. It is easy to sign up and requires no technical knowledge!

Get Paid For Referring
Your Friends & Community

With us, every affiliate earns $25 for new Drumeo Edge members and $10 for each training pack. Our payout level is among the highest that you will see.

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For Each Product!

With 12+ products to choose from, our high quality product spreads, standard size banners, ads, and more will have you making tons of sales in no time.

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Our goal is to help your campaigns succeed - and we are available by phone or email every working day!

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Have you heard enough? Click here to sign up for the Drumeo Affiliate Program! All applications will be quickly reviewed so you can get started right away.

How It Works:

If you have a good subscriber list, website with traffic, or other great ideas for promoting Drumeo Edge or any of our training packs, then you are a candidate for the Drumeo Affiliate Program.

Every application will be reviewed to ensure that you will be hugely successful with our affiliate program. Your affiliate account will only become active if we approve your application. Once you are approved, you simply need to refer customers to our websites to earn your commissions.

Drumeo Edge Commissions
You will earn $25 commission for each new Drumeo Edge member you've referred, credited to you when we've collected a payment. You'll earn the same commission for trials, monthly members, or annual members.

Training Packs & Merchandise
You will earn $10 commission on any of our drum lesson training packs including The Drumming System, Successful Drumming, and many more!

Affiliate Terms of Service:

1. If your affiliate tracking link is being used in paid advertising or websites that spoof, you will not receive any earned commission for the time period where it is discovered.
2. As a Drumeo Affiliate, you are not allowed in any way, shape, or form to present your links, ads, or websites as though you ARE You are a 3rd party who is sharing a link or recommendation to, not a 3rd party who presents itself to be This is particularly applicable to paid advertisers. It is okay to create an ad which drives traffic to your website, which then includes your referral link. It is not acceptable to create an ad which drives traffic directly to, or in any way appears to be created by
3. Just to make this extremely clear: your advertisements or websites cannot in any way be interpreted as though they were created by

If you are found to be spoofing the brand, you will forfeit any affiliate commission that is owing at that time and your affiliate account will be permanently terminated.

Follow These Steps:

1. Fill out the application to become an affiliate.
2. Login to your very own affiliate stats page
3. Get special links to post on your website
4. Have your customers click the links to order training packs
5. Get paid through PayPal!

How Sales Are Tracked:

When a visitor clicks your special link a cookie-file is placed on their computer to track them as being referred to us from you. Any orders they make within 30 days of clicking that link will be tracked as being from you. That's right... even if they come back months later to buy a product - you still get credit for referring them for that sale!

Do all computers accept cookie-files for tracking? According to leading research - over 90% of Internet users have cookies enabled on their computers right now. This is because they are enabled by default with all new PCs. Therefore, unless a user specifically disables cookie tracking, they are sure to work perfectly! Note: some experts report the number even higher at 97% of users!

To See Your Sales:

Affiliates can login to their admin page that features detailed account stats including: link clicks, sales, and current account balance. Everything you need in one easy to use interface!

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Feel Free To Contact Us At Any Time!

We want to work with you to give you the best possible strategies and marketing techniques to help you along the way! Contact us if you have any questions regarding the sign up procedure, sales techniques, sales advice, how to use our system, how the system works, or any other questions you may have regarding the affiliate program!


How do I login to my affiliate account?
Go to the Affiliate Login. Use the credentials that you entered when you signed up for the Affiliate Program. If you cannot remember your Username or Password you can contact to have it reset.

When do I get paid?
All commissions will be paid out by PayPal once a month.

Can you review my site?
Yes, we would love to take a look at your website, and give you some tips/advice on what you can do to see increased sales, sign-ups, and ultimately make more money. Send us an email with the link to your website, and we will usually respond with our review within 5-10 business days.